Websites are for humans. Frequently, you’ll see business news articles describing the people who use the Internet as “clicks,” “hits,” or “eyeballs.” But you know your online customers are more than just clicks and hits. Along with eyeballs, they have bodies, brains and hearts, too. They’re much more than just web users. They’re people. Creative Zumo designs websites with humans in mind. We seek to understand your customers, so we can develop a site design that speaks to them.

When people visit your website and connect with it, when they feel they know what your company is all about, they aren’t responding to the individual pixels. They’re responding to how all of the site’s elements cohere and broadcast your identity. Creative Zumo feels so strongly about the importance of integrating websites with overall brand creation that we only accept web design projects when they’re a part of larger branding packages. Your website is frequently a prospect’s first touchpoint in building a relationship with your company. And a unified, well-articulated concept of who you are makes the impression needed to start turning prospects into loyal customers.

Elementary to great website design is strong visual appeal. Pages should have a consistent look, not just across each page, but consistent with all of the other aspects of your public image. Your company’s positioning—along with the site’s goals, audience needs, and key messages—should be central to every decision made about your website.

While the writing and the immediate visual elements like colors, images and layout are the most obvious components of a web page, much more is going on beneath the surface. How is the website organized on its different levels? How do your customers navigate it to find what they’re looking for? What will keep them on the site, and what will send them away? Brand-oriented web design is one of Creative Zumo’s specialties. We never lose sight of the fact that on the other side of every computer screen is a person.

“Creative Zumo met the challenge of my jewelry gallery’s e-commerce website. They have been my graphic designers from Day One and I trust them implicitly. Translating a niche boutique like mine into a virtual store was a task they tackled like no other, and in record time. Not only that, Zumo has the unique ability to work with the creativity & demands of an entrepreneur. Creative Zumo’s design has my site competing on a national stage… and has helped give me the best year in sales I have ever seen.”
Katy Beh
Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry

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