SprinG forward. The nicer weather and longer days make everyone feel more optimistic and full of energy. Goals put off due to the gray winter or the holidays are now on the front burner. But you shouldn’t just ‘spring’ your business’s brand on the public without some strategic planning. Last issue we discussed the key elements of a successful logo This time, we share with you our views and those of others on corporate identity (also known as visual identity or image) and the importance of having the right one for your business.

let it be clear. Your corporate identity provides the viewer with a more extensive explanation of the purpose/mission of your company through visuals. The identity is made of a logo, colors, and fonts. These elements are then applied to stationery, advertising, packaging, newsletters, web sites, posters and any other collaterals that you might need. The voice throughout these visuals should always remain consistent. Not having an identity would be like having a blank business card.

Here are a few quotes about the importance of a strong and cohesive visual identity.

opportunity. “Every physical representation of a company’s image that people notice whether it’s a letter written on the corporate stationery, a product and its packaging, an annual report, a logo, a sign, or a name badge worn by a counter clerk, offers an opportunity to win respect and admiration.”

strategy. “Whether it happens by plan or accident, every business develops a public image or identity. Leading companies enjoy the benefits of a well-planned and administered, and therefore consistent and universally recognized identity.”

recognition. “The identity you create will determine how a company will be recognized now and in years to come.”

Your identity can be born or reborn before you even know it. So, before you position your business you should know exactly what you want to say. You want your identity to speak for your business when you can’t.

Text excerpted from "The Graphic Design Handbook for Business" ©1995 American Institute of Graphic Arts/Chicago Chapter

Getting your message across is one thing but making sure that it is clear and concise takes time, effort and a team of professionals to provide their expertise in maintaining a consistent voice. Corporate identities set the tone and provide a stage for that message. We invite you to browse thru our most recent accomplishments in understanding our clients’s message.

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the humble business card, more than just your contact infO. Give people something to really remember you by.  
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