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Wish Ad "Ways I've ben naughty, ways I've ben nnice. It's good to be both."

At Creative Zumo, we have a habit of hitting it off with our clients. When new ones come to us, they typically have a single design project in mind, but often that initial job marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship—and a friendship. Through our creative process, we learn the nuances of our clients’ businesses. Their goals become our goals. We’re not just designers; we’re collaborators. We serve as a sounding board for their ideas. A perfect example of this is Creative Zumo’s relationship with Katy Beh.

In 1998, Katy opened Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry on an up-and-coming stretch of Magazine Street. In her early marketing efforts, she played it safe and focused on the individual designers her store carried (click here to see examples). But over the years, Katy began to understand that in addition to her jewelry selections, her vivacious personality kept her customers coming back. They loved her sauciness and wicked sense of humor. As the business become more established and competing jewelry stores followed in Katy’s path to her stretch of Magazine, Katy's marketing direction shifted. She celebrated herself. Moving away from the earlier conservative tone, her campaigns went for the funny bone with sassy parodies on well-known songs and racy headlines that made readers do a double-take. Katy might even use herself as a model in a comedic but alluring pose (click here to see examples).

A few months ago, Katy decided to close her store so she could pursue her passion of designing her own line of jewelry. Before going public with the announcement, she involved Creative Zumo in the process. We helped her think through a store-closing strategy and discussed how to let devoted customers know in her incomparable Katy way. We wish Katy nothing but the best in her new calling and, as always, Creative Zumo will continue to offer her advice as both her design team and her friends.

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Zumo is Spanish for juice, and at Creative Zumo, we channel our creative juices into fresh and vibrant visual power. The designs we develop for our business and non-profit clients skillfully deliver their messages while defining their brands.

The fruit of our labor includes logos and branding materials, brochures, website and everything in between. For a full list of our services, visit creativezumo.com.
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