At Creative Zumo, we believe our work is meant to be meaningful, so we look to take on clients whose causes we support. One such client of ours is the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children, also known as Metro. This non-profit assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through free counseling, a hotline, shelters, legal support, and other services.

Before coming to Creative Zumo, Metro had been using mismatched letterhead, brochures, and other materials that had been designed on the fly. The organization knew a focused approach would work in their favor, considering that its goal is to provide people with information and support to change their undesirable situation. We designed a look for Metro that suggested a welcoming, safe haven. We engage the women and men looking at these materials by presenting faces of different races, ages and genders for friendly reassurance. The overall goal of our design is to make those trapped in abusive situations feel less isolated and more empowered.

If you're interested in learning more about Metro, visit its website at Keep in mind that October is domestic violence awareness month, and this wonderful organization is always accepting donations and looking for volunteers.

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Zumo is Spanish for juice, and at Creative Zumo, we channel our creative juices into fresh and vibrant visual power. The designs we develop for our business and non-profit clients skillfully deliver their messages while defining their brands.

The fruit of our labor includes logos and branding materials, brochures, website and everything in between. For a full list of our services, visit

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