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New Orleans’ recovery from Hurricane Katrina keeps progressing, so it’s easy to forget that immediately after the flooding, the very survival of the city faced uncertainty. Tulane University, New Orleans’ largest employer and a pillar of its intellectual life, wanted to get the word out that it was back on its feet.

The university’s communications department recruited Creative Zumo to design a campaign called Tulane NOW. It consisted of a series of compact, distinctive mailers with concise and timely messages that chronicled Tulane’s return to normalcy.  Unlike the majority of university marketing campaigns, which are geared toward alumni, donors, or prospective students, this one sought to shore up professional support. It went out to the world of higher education—to presidents, provosts, and other leaders at the top 400 universities in the United States.

Although Tulane expected the campaign to run for only a year, it was so well received that the university decided to keep going with it. The focus gradually shifted from recovery to highlighting happenings at the university and celebrating the achievements of students, faculty members, and programs. Creative Zumo remains the designer on the campaign, helping Tulane demonstrate to its peers that—far more than just surviving—it is once again thriving.

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