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"Urban Jewel"
APA 2010 Guides

Tourists visiting New Orleans are often overwhelmed by how much there is to see. The challenge is even greater for the thousands of urban planners arriving for the American Planning Association's (APA) annual conference this month. They'll want to learn everything about our fascinating city, both on and off the tourist trail.

The New Orleans chapter of the APA looked to Creative Zumo to create an event logo to be used for signage, merchandise, and literature. As they requested, we crafted lettering reminiscent of the iconic tiles embedded in sidewalk corners throughout New Orleans. In addition, we designed two 24-page booklets—a planner's guide and an orientation guide—treasure troves of  "valuable historical information, important landmarks and places to see, plus great places to kick back and relax." Swirling textures that evoke ironwork combine with photographs of neighborhood scenes to create a colorful grid that depicts the visually rich and multicultural nature of our city.

The conference will draw up to 6,000 planners from around the world. Expect to see them wandering around your neighborhood, cameras around their necks and their Creative Zumo-designed guides in hand.

A gem for you, our loyal reader: download PDFs of the Planner's Guide and the Orientation Guide.

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