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happy holidays from christy and gaby
your 2: how you can make a difference
FOR THOSE OF US FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE BACK HOME, it means supporting local businesses, doing our holiday shopping at locally owned stores that are back in business. And take advantage of the state’s gift to all of us, the ‘tax holiday’ on Dec. 16, 17 and 18.
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WHETHER HERE OR THERE, the pride that goes with being a New Orleanian is worth showing. Check out the great selection of New Orleans products that we created for sharing and wearing. Buying these products not only helps you with your shopping list, but we’ve arranged for donations to be made from part of the proceeds to small, local organizations that are important to us and the city: LA-SPCA, Faubourg Delachaise Neighborhood Association, Neighbors United and AIGA New Orleans.
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A SPECIAL DELIVERY. Look for it in the new year, it’s coming!
From us to you, in celebration of our 1st anniversary. And to prepare for it our office will be closed from Dec. 26th - 30th.
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