The first, and last, printed catalog "Wish Book One."

Wish Book 2 was almost ready to be printed when Hurricane Katrina hit. That was when Katy decided it was time for e-commerce. The design of the Wish Book inspired the design of the web site.

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Wishbook One

Wish Book One

Web site home page E-commerce web site E-commerce web site
The web site had unique navigation; viewers could mouse over the photo of a jewelry collection and with a click, see the price and details.
Artist page E-commerce web site  Jewelry detail page E-commerce web site E-commerce web site E-commerce web site

"Worst Love Songs Evah" Valentine's Day email series. Email contained a link to the actual song just in case you forgot how bad it really was.

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Who says holiday advertising has to be predictable?

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A rap about wrapping  

Emails blasts with suggestive subject lines always got a lot of attention.

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Streetcar ad, another play on song lyrics.